Yes, you read that right. Plum muffins…. who knew I’d ever even think about making such a thing? Well it all happened like this: Cam and I were sitting down in our kitchen getting ready to eat lunch when our neighbor starts yelling Cam’s name. So he opens the back door, and she comes in and tells me there is a plum tree that must be picked! She had been walking home from getting a few groceries and noticed a beautiful plum tree in someone’s yard, so she asked permission to pick them. They said yes.


And now here I am, with 70 pitted and halved plums in my freezer, three large containers full in the fridge, and a dozen plum muffins. I am already plummed-out. I made a plum, blackberry, and blueberry smoothie (all hand-picked and organic, of course!) Then I proceeded to spend way too long looking for recipes on what the hell to do with 150+ plums.

Unfortunately, I am jarless, so I couldn’t make any jam (not today, anyway) but I found this: Plum Cupcakes. The recipe only made 7 muffins, in which the only things that I changed from the ingredient list was eliminating half the noted amount of brown sugar, with the other half agave nectar (and turned down the oven temp 25 degrees); added cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove; and omitted the citrus zest because I didn’t have any (but I did add a drop of orange essential oil, but I don’t think a drop did anything, and that’s okay). It baked for 20 minutes. Very tasty.


But because it only made 7 muffins, I made another batch. But this time I doubled the recipe since I am planning to take most of them to Portland to give to Cam and my family. This time, I was only able to use half whole wheat flour and half brown rice flour since that was my last of the whole wheat. Everything else I added was the same from above (just doubled) and this time I halved the plum halves and stuck them further down.


They’re pretty good for plum muffins. The second batch could have used more spices, but I wasn’t measuring.

Well… Again with the procrastination. I have a final exam in 12 hours… Okay, I’ll hit the “Publish” button and will immediately pick up my study-guide. I promise.