Such beautiful flowers! I couldn’t resist buying a few. They are so vibrant, I can hardly stop staring at them. I bought them at a grocery store called New Seasons, which I guess is native to the Portland area, since I’ve never seen it anywhere else. It was my first time there, but I had a purpose: to return two water bottles made by the backstabbing Swiss company called Sigg.

Why? Well, if you haven’t already heard, the resuseable water bottles do contain BPA! And wasn’t the reason for everyone buying them to avoid that awful chemical? Oh Sigg, you have made me very angry. But luckily, I had read online that the New Seasons market was accepting used Sigg bottles in return for cash back!! I returned mine and Cameron’s and got $50 for the both of them. Jeez.. I can’t believe we spent that much money to believe we were avoiding such dangerous chemicals. Despite Sigg claiming that their new bottles are lined with BPA-free material, I no longer want to support them and I don’t know if I even believe them.

I wanted to buy EarthLust instead. Unfortunately, finding a variety of EarthLust bottles in one store is hard, and I had to go to another New Seasons to get only one of which I was looking for. I am still waiting to find the 1 liter peacock feather bottle for myself, but I did get Cameron a 1 liter bottle with a zen rock spiral design on it.

Another disappointment was coming home to find that my nearby blackberry supply has been cut back, enough to where there are no longer berries to pick… But, I am hoping that Tuesday’s farmers market will have concord grapes, which will make-up for the lack of blackberries around my house (though, they won’t be free like the blackberries).

The last week of August I spent some time with family in Maryland, where I had found dragon fruit at Whole Foods. I had remembered Cameron telling me about it before, I think he had tried it in Costa Rica, so I was interested in trying it as well. It was five dollars for just one fruit and it came from my home state of Florida, so I put it in the cart. What a strange looking fruit, and what was even stranger was that after a few hours of sitting on the kitchen counter, the outer skin was so cold! Weird!

I cut it open, to make a little dessert for the family and was pretty surprised at how the flesh looked… kind of like kiwi flesh, the same little black seeds, but white instead of green.

There was a little bit of pineapple left in the fridge, so I decided to make the two half shells of the dragon fruit into bowls, and added the chopped fruit. I was disappointed that the dragon fruit tasted very bland, but perhaps it was because it was shipped from Florida and wasn’t really that fresh.

And on another note, autumn is definitely almost here. The weather has been weird this weekend… very wet and chilly. Though today was hot and sunny. Summer didn’t seem to last very long, and I know I’ll want it back once December comes around. But I am excited for the leaves to start changing colors.