Hello hello!! I’ve been enjoying my time on the east coast with family for the past few days and have endured a 22 inch snow storm the day after I arrived. I have never seen this much snow and it looked beautiful. But not so much anymore… at least not near the roads.

Yes, that says 11 inches.. but that was at about 11:00 am. By the end of the evening, it was 22 inches!!

We went out for sushi for dinner this evening, and they had one of those table-top cards advertising their desserts with photos. There was one for the molten lava cake and I mentioned that I could make four of them at home for the same price as one served there. I used this recipe before, and was happy with the way it came out so I decided to stick with it again this evening.

I could have made these easily with agave nectar. And I say that only because I am pretty sure I’ve made them like that before.. but I wasn’t 100% sure… so I didn’t want to take the chance in messing it up and having it come out too liquidy by not having the cake-like outer edges with the help of the cane sugar. Especially when I got the family all hyped up for it before I even started making it.


So really, I didn’t need to dust the ramekins with powdered sugar, as it didn’t make it easier for the cakes to release and flip out onto a plate..




I truly love baking in ramekins… they’re the perfect portion and are easy to clean up.