First of all, the variety of leaf colors absolutely amazes me. I can never get over it. Then again, this is only my fifth year living in a place that has a real autumn.
There’s a Japanese Maple variety outside this house that has the most brilliant coloring.
I need to press some leaves before they begin to fall!

I have been baking a few things lately, though I haven’t been keeping this blog updated enough or putting enough effort into my baked goods to use alternative sweeteners instead of cane sugar! It’s also a lot more difficult (20 minute drive, at least) to find bulk agave nectar in the area I’ve been living in.

Triple Ginger Cookies
these were delicious! A perfect autumn cookie.

Iced Pumpkin Cookies

I made these for a potluck. That was my first time making pumpkin cookies. They were pretty cakey, but not bad!
IMG_2466 (apologies for the colors being a bit off. I was using a friend’s camera and neglected to fix the white balance).

Devil’s Food Cake Snowballs
I baked these as a birthday treat. They didn’t quite turn out how I wanted them to. They were incredibly dense. I won’t be making them again, but rather I’ll stick to cookies and muffins.
I am glad I put that baking sheet under the pan. Look how much it overflowed.
And of course, they look nothing like the photo. It’s also hard to tell how dense they are just from that photo. But trust me, it wasn’t light and fluffy like a cake ball.

I might be updating in a few days with a Halloween costume I’ve been putting together. I have been spending my last two days trying to dye a blonde wig dark purple. So far, I’ve tried three different methods without much accomplishment. Tomorrow, I will try one more method before I give up.

Also, the more time I spend in Seattle, the more I like it. There are so many beautiful parks (Gasworks is my favorite park with the best view so far) and tons of awesome bands have been through the city in the past two months. I need to start bringing my camera to Seattle with me.